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Self Mastery is the fundamental process through which we can become more empowered, capable and efficient in achieving the goals that we have for our life.

Ultimately, every human being has a body and a mind as the primary tools through which life can be approached. By learning to 'drive' our body and mind more effectively, we are able to tackle life's challenges with greater success.


Developing emotional resilience, an unlimited mind and extraordinary energy is the greatest gift that we can give to ourselves and others.


Read on to discover how...



What is this program about?

There is no greater nor more fulfilling challenge in life than self mastery. Self mastery is the process through which we attain control over our:


  • Physical body

  • Mental processes

  • Emotional response

  • Life energies


Although this may seem like a simple concept, it is fundamental to all other experiences in life.

As a baby for example, we must first learn the basic motor patterns that generate movement within the physical body before any other things can be achieved. Later, after we learn to move, we must also learn to think and process how we feel as we move through the experiences of life.

If we do not attain a basic level of self control in these ways, we will struggle to participate in society and remain directly reliant upon others. This reliance entanglement results in much of the struggle and suffering that we experience.


Once we enter the educational structure the emphasis of our focus moves on to learning to be part of the world; to finding a way through which we may contribute to society and thereby earn a living, obtain the physical resources to survive and enjoy ourselves along the way.


 So, say that we have achieve this; does this mean that we are now happy and fulfilled?

It generally takes some time for people to realize that there is 'more to life' than just getting the things that we need to survive or want to experience, after-all:


What is the point if we are endlessly struggling and suffering through it on a day-to-day basis?

Certainly a degree of striving is needed in order to move forward in life however, few would disagree that it is preferable that we are able to move fluidly, efficiently and effectively toward our goals; without pain and without suffering. We all want life to be consistently enjoyable.


Many people do not realize that the reason they are experiencing some form of suffering or non-fulfillment, is simply because they have never learned to use their body and mind most effectively; they have never sought to utilize their most fundamental assets.

The consequence is: Suffering, struggle, frustration, despair, boredom, non-fulfillment (etc) and potentially; pain, disease, illness and degeneration.

Here is a simple self-reflective test to see where you are at in your own process of self mastery:

  • How often do you get: upset, sad, 'down' disturbed or irritated ?

  • How often do you get: confused, frustrated, angry or conflicted?

  • How often do you experience pain, dysfunction or illness?

  • Is there any chronic health impairments or disease that you must manage day to day?

  • Are you completely fulfilled in your life or does it feel as if something is missing?


The answers to these questions indicates your level of self mastery - that is to say: The level of self control that you have over your body and mind. If you answered in the 'affirmative' to any of the questions above and are interested to attain higher self-control; thereby a more rewarding experience of life, read on...

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We can all relate to this great challenge called 'life'. We are all challenged in different ways. Whatever the 'logs on our path' are, there is a way to overcome them. The question is; are we flexible of mind and insightful enough to see the way through?


Do we believe there IS a way through or have we defeated ourselves before we even began the journey of self-discovery and healing?

Our mind can be our greatest ally or our greatest adversary. Tragic it is, if it serves the role of the later as we are then a house divided against itself.

  • Are you so sure that the limiting beliefs that you have taken on are ultimately true?

  • Do you somehow want to believe in your limitations so that you have an excuse to not face and overcome them?

  • Are you the type of person who embraces change or do you prefer your comfort zone?

The answer to these questions will indicate if you are ready for Self Mastery.


If you resonate to the above-mentioned concepts and would like to learn more about this process, click on the button below:

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