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This program is designed to specifically identify the weaknesses and imbalances that are causing any pain, dysfunction or limitation within your musculoskeletal structure.

By identifying the cause of an issue, the solution or remedy can be applied thereby permanently resolving the problem.


By identifying what is most relevant for you as an individual, your exercise routine can become most beneficial and rewarding as you take great leaps forward into higher performance and confidence each session.

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One of the biggest mistakes the common person coming to the gym makes, is that they do not first seek to understand their own bodily needs; assuming that if they just 'exercise' they will naturally arrive at the desired state. Your body doesn't work like that.

Your body adapts to the environmental stimulation or lack thereof. So the question is, what has the environmental stimulation historically been? For many people (particularly in a corporate environment), this includes sitting down in a chair much of the day. Whilst the idea of coming into the gym and training like an athlete right away may appeal to some, it is just not practical for the majority and in fact, dangerous.


The smartest approach for anyone beginning an exercise routine (and even for those who have been exercising for a long time) is to first of all bring your body back into balance; posturally, structurally and functionally. We need to learn to move correctly again, essentially.

After the body is rebalanced and motor/movement patterns restored, you'll find that you have a lot more strength, a lot more power and can move with greater control, coordination and agility. This is due to the much greater level of efficiency at which your body can operate, when it is balanced.

With your strength and power potential activated, goals such as putting on muscle mass or dropping body weight become more easily achieved, as you can then put your full effort into it. Prior to this restoration or regeneration process, you will be a lot more prone to injury and unable to perform at your potential.

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