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& Spinal Release

This private healing session is particularly helpful for anyone who has been experiencing back pain and or has spinal (postural) alignment issues.

The spine is a very complex and fundamental element of the human mind-body system as it carries the energetic impulses of the system outwardly to the muscular and organ systems and also from the senses back toward the brain facilitating our 'perception'.

Being the highway of the mind within the body therefore, our psychological state can impact the function of the spine. This session seeks to alleviate this impact.

How will you benefit from this session?

The physiological long-term impact of stress upon the human system can result in chronic contraction within the cardiac, solar and sacral plexus nerve branches (as well as other areas).

The consequence of this long term contraction is that; liken to the effect of squeezing your hand around a garden hose (the water is inhibited from flowing freely); your body systems are not able to function effectively.

Specifically, chronic tension within the nervous system can interfere in healthy muscular function resulting in impaired movement and tight, uncomfortable or painful areas within the body. Over time this dysfunction can lead to accelerated degeneration and aging as your body is unable to restore itself most effectively.


As this built up neurological tension manifests within the cardiac, solar plexus and sacral plexus areas, the impact can be that the physical body is drawn over into a contracted, folded position which results in 'poor posture'. This impaired postural position can lead to all manner of biomechanical or movement problems possibly resulting in injury.


This session addresses all of this and more in a very powerful and immediate way

Note: If your system has been operating in a 'sympathetic' stressed state for a long time, the rapid shift to a parasympathetic state can make a deep impact in the way your body is functioning physiologically and subsequently the way you feel. It is best to have a restful time following this session to 'recover' as the regenerative changes are assimilated*

Session Duration:

60-75 mins

Session Investment:

$150 AUD


  If you would like to know more about or invest in this session click on the button below: 

*A consultation is required prior to booking in this session to determine if it is the right service for your personal situation

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