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The Meridian Showering Class provides participants with a unique opportunity to directly experience the impact of vital energy transmission; the animating power giving life to the human form.

As this subtle energy is absorbed into the body, one's systems go into deep regeneration as the autonomic nervous system becomes more dominant.

Because most people are used to constantly functioning from a place of stress, this experience often triggers a significant shift in the way life is seen and lived.

How will you benefit from this Class?

There are countless benefits to this process, but to name a few:

1) Your body naturally absorbs vital energy during sleep and so everyone can relate to this benefit; your body rejuvenates, your physical and psychological systems recover and your energy is restored so that you can continue your life 'the next day'. Most people do not realize that cultivating life energy is a skill that can be learned and utilized not only unconsciously during sleep but consciously and deliberately during waking hours. You will learn the energy cultivation technique in this Class and the result, if applied, is a higher performing, more functional human being.

2) This is a FACILITATED CLASS. This means that you can't 'get it wrong'; it is liken to a treatment that is being done on/for you. If you turn up and fall asleep immediately without hearing a word, you will still benefit greatly.

3) Quite simply put; the human systems; both physiological and psychological, function better when we have more energy. This includes the cellular regeneration process. The long-term outcome of continuing this practice therefore, is a perpetual regeneration of the human gene-code as your body obtains the ability to create higher functioning cells.

4) When your mind-body system is functioning at a higher potential, this includes ALL systems; including your immune system. Thereby you are more resistant to disease and less likely to develop illness due to the fact that your system is functioning more efficiently.


There are many other benefits too, and which can be 'walked into' as you advance your practice.

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