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Lean, Toned, Confident
The Lean, Toned, Confident program includes 9 different training programs covering a variety of fitness components to develop a well balanced, toned, athletic and contoured body that is high-performing and pain-free
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To develop your best body in relation to both performance and appearance, it is necessary to cover a wide range of exercises including that which will promote:
  • Great posture

  • Beautiful shape

  • Leanness & tone

  • Great flexibility

  • Comfortable / pain-free

  • Strength without size

  • Athletic ability

  • Graceful movement

Unfortunately due to contemporary training trends most people are only covering a very limited range of fitness components in their training whilst they focus on certain 'popular' exercises that are believe to be most valuable excessively.
The truth is, that if you do not train yourself in a balanced way; in an informed way that supports your total system development you will end up creating imbalances that actually end up doing more harm than good; damaging your body structures and physiology in the process.
Damaging your body systems will NOT help you to attain your training goals effectively in the long run.
The Lean, Toned, Confident training program is designed to effectively cover all of the necessary training components to develop a beautiful, functional, pain-free body that performs athletically and moves with elegance and grace.

This is achieved by including diversity in the training stimulation. Although the same muscle groups may be targeted in the different training programs, they are targeted in a different way which keeps your body growing, adapting and evolving whilst your mind remains interested by the ever-changing landscape of the program.
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All of the program exercises are demonstrated within the online training portal via GIF animations so you can instantly be reminded of which exercise is next and how to perform it when you are training. You will also have ongoing support from a fitness professional to correct your technique or movement patterns and find the right pace and intensity that suits you while promoting efficient advancement.

Choose between 1, 2 or 3 Group PT training sessions per week (maximum of 3 in group) where you are supported by a professional instructor to learn the correct technique and master each of the training exercises:
To sign up for this program follow the link below that suits your situation best*:

1 x Session
=$55 p/wk
2 x sessions
= $105 p/wk
3 x sessions
= $145 p/wk
*No lock-in contracts; continue or cancel whenever your like
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