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Core Fundamentals is a holistic athletic conditioning program involving both masculine and feminine training influences.

By merging the benefits of training methods typically used by either males or females, it is possible to build a superior body that performs in an optimal way.

With 6 different training programs included in the training plan, you have the flexibility to train the way that feels most suitable for  you

The Core Fundamentals Program

combines elements of:

  • Postural rehabilitation and enhancement

  • Functional strength training

  • Power training & athletic conditioning

  • Structural stabilization & core strengthening

  • Dynamic and static flexibility development

  • Motor control and coordination

  • Cardiovascular conditioning

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Whether you are a guy wanting to put on size, get 'ripped' and develop an athletic body or a girl wanting to become lean, toned and elegant, this program will effectively achieve your goals.

You can create your own tailored training plan by applying the combination of exercise routines that feel most suitable for you thereby honing the body that you want.

This program is also a very effective fat loss routine as it accelerates metabolism by stimulating ALL of your muscle mass every time you train.

In addition to the selection of 3 feminine and 3 masculine workouts, program participants have the option of: light, medium and hard training intensities within the program structure so that you can choose the workout that suits how you are feeling on the day. 

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