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Mind Shaping
Whilst it is common that we desire to change the shape of our body, it is less often that we give the same attention to our mind.

Our mind is the director of our body and all associated actions. We can not succeed therefore, in attaining our goals without a corresponding alignment between the body and mind.

By removing the causal inhibition that is blocking our progress, we are able to remain consistent with our intentions and follow through with supportive actions. This is what the Mind Shaping sessions are all about.
When attempting to change the shape of the body, or in attempting to achieve anything at all, it is important to:
  • Take the correct approach
  • Consistently apply it
During our Mind Shaping sessions we therefore focus upon:
  • Giving you the correct knowledge
  • Helping you to overcome that which inhibits consistency
Inconsistency between intentions and behaviour often relates to:
  • Lack of a broader vision
  • Mood swings
  • Self sabotage
  • Lack of motivation
  • Poor energy management
  • Other unpredictable life events
All of these elements can be effectively addressed or managed by developing the right skills
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In the Mind Shaping online Zoom sessions we focus upon absolving any disturbance that is disrupting your mood, energy, emotions and focus.

We use leading-edge Energy Psychology techniques to neutralize the 'negative charge' that is keeping you stuck in the same repetitive patterns.

In this way, old limiting behaviour that is sabotaging your results can be effectively addressed and replaced with habits that support your desired state.

The Mind Shaping sessions are not psycho-therapy or counseling sessions and we do not need to talk about your 'problems'.

The intention behind the sessions is to simply identify and absolve any emotional disturbance on an energetic level so that your mind can arrive at peace and higher clarity. From this place of mind, the solutions to any challenges are more easily seen, integrated and assimilated into consistent behaviour.

In other words; you become your own solution  
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