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Who Is This For?
  • Males and females

  • People of all ages

  • People with postural issues

  • People with core or pelvic floor dysfunction

  • People with low back tension or pain

  • Anyone new to exercise or de-conditioned from lack of training

  • Anyone wanting to enhance core function and increase bodily comfort 

  • People who need to train at home or outside of a gym

* No generic program is suited to everyone. Please use your discernment as to the suitability for you and if you experience any pain discontinue and seek professional guidance.

Who Is This NOT For?
  • People with chronic degenerative bone conditions such as arthritis, spondylolysis  or spondylolisthesis (requiring specialist support)

  • Anyone with a chronic disease, injury or health condition which may be inflamed this type of exercise (if you are unsure please consult your doctor)

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