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Body Shaping
We utilize a variety of different Training Plans and programs to suit the individual needs of all participants*. You can find out more about each program by clicking on the images below:

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*All people joining the Body Ignite program undertake an initial consultation wherein individual needs are assessed and a unique Training Plan provided.

Each training program is liken unto a different artistic instrument that can be used to shape your body into the form that you desire. The over-riding result however, is a beautiful, functional, pain-free body that feels light and agile and performs with elegance and grace.

There are 3 different ways in which BMD members can utilize these training programs:

  1. By participating in the local Body Shaping classes
  2. By following along to real-time guided sessions via the online portal
  3. By following the wide range of carefully designed programs via GIF animation instruction either at home or outdoors

All training programs include lower and higher intensity / impact options that are suitable for a range of experience levels from beginner to advanced