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A Bit About Us

Jake and Fem have a combined experience of 35 years in the Health, Fitness & Well-being industries.

Jake's focus has predominantly revolved around the holistic restoration of the mind-body system, including:

  • Postural Correction & Joint Stabilization

  • Injury Rehabilitation & Regeneration

  • Functional Strengthening & Mobilization

  • Core Strengthening & Athletic Conditioning

  • Body Fat Reduction, Body Shaping & Toning

  • Mind-Body Connection & Enhancement

  • Energetic Healing & Mentoring

Jake's encompassing approach empowers people to address the core issues that commonly block people from attaining their goals. With the solution on hand, there is only one further component to achieve success... participation.

Femke has been in the Health, Fitness and Wellness field since 2007. During this time she became aware of the need for a holistic approach working with women; an insight that has been reinforced over the last 5 years in particular working at female only fitness centers. Femke's experience also includes:

  • Pregnant, Pre & Post Natal

  • Older Adults & Special Populations

  • Back Pain Management & Resolution

  • Small Group Fitness Training

  • Chronic Dietary Challenges

  • Gastro-Intestinal & Neurological Complications

  • Psychosomatic Vibrational Healing Techniques

Femke's vision is to empower women to become the greatest version of themselves by knowing what is right for them.

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