Our physical training programs are designed to meet every need in relation to exercise conditioning.


Whether you are just starting out with exercise, have any weak points in your body needing healing, or are fully functional and ready to train with intensity, you will find a range of exercise programs to support you in achieving your pesonal goals. Take a look over the descriptions below to see which program may suit you best*.

*All people joining our programs are taken through an induction / pre-screening process through which we advise which program combination will likely be most suitable for your body and personal needs.

Body Restore Program Blank.jpg

Body Restore

The Body Restore Programs focus upon mobilizing the body to absolve stiffness, movement limitation and discomfort whilst enhancing joint stability and developing flexibility in the process.

These programs will restore your posture and strengthen the foundation upon which all movement occurs. By focusing in this way, you can eliminate pain, restore function and prepare your body for higher intensity exercise.

Body Strong Program Blank.jpg

Body Strong

Our Body Strong Programs focus upon strengthening your body in a functional way, that is to say; in a way in which you will feel more confident and able to address the physically demanding tasks that we face in day-to-day life.


Functional Strengthening, as opposed to isolated strengthening (used in Body Building) does not develop bulky muscles rather results in shapely, toned and firm muscles that are capable of exerting more force. This higher quality muscle tissue elevates metabolic rate and accelerates fat loss effectively.

Body Lean Alone.jpg

Body Lean

Body Lean programs focus specifically on reducing body fat in an efficient way.

There are three main components, aside from the mind elements, which achieve this goal effectively: 1) Resistance Training, 2) Cardiovascular Conditioning, and 3) Correct Nutrition. Whereas the nutritional component is addressed in our Mind Shaping sessions, the Body Lean programs focus upon the resistance training and cardiovascular elements.

Be prepared to 'work for it' if you desire to efficiently achieve this goal!

Body Athlete Program Blank.jpg

Body Athletic

Body Athletic programs include a higher ratio of dynamic movement patterns that are modeled on the way that athletes move.

By moving like an athlete, your body will gain more power and be able to move with more speed, agility and grace. In addition to the functional power gains, your body will develop a higher quality protein tissue that not only results in a faster metabolism, but also shapes your muscles into the signature 'fit' look that athletes model.

There is a higher degree of cardiovascular conditioning in these programs so be prepared to get your heart rate up!

Body Mix Program Blank.jpg

Body Mix

Body Mix programs contain elements of all of the different exercise programs in a varied and interesting way. If you are experienced with exercise and familiar with a wide range of different movements and training styles, these programs will be a good fit for you.


By including: Functional strength training, athletic and cardiovascular conditioning, postural and structural strengthening and flexibility development you can develop a well-rounded, high-performing body that looks and feels great!

Body Solo alone.jpg

Body Solo

The Body Solo programs include a range of exercises that you can undertake using only your body weight.

Members are able to therefore undertake a great workout at home, outdoors or while traveling without the need to cart around heavy or space-consuming equipment.

The Body Solo programs also give you an option to fall back on, if you don't have any equipment of your own and for whatever reason are not able to make your Body Shaping group exercise session(s).