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This is NOT your
average bootcamp ladies!

Welcome to the

5-Week Health & Wellness Program
For Women

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Do you live near Chatswood? Would you like to discover YOUR path to long-term transformation in just 5 weeks?
No magic pills; no fake promises - just powerful knowledge, real tools, authentic experience and true empowerment - what actually works.
Learn not only how to best move your body or lose a dress size or 2, but also how to integrate a health and well-being lifestyle so that you can keep your gains and remain on track moving forward.
Choose Between:
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Learn how to:
  • Manage your time, energy and life to generate radiant health and well-being
  • Neutralize stress whilst calming and healing your body systems
  • Permanently overcome subconscious fears, trauma and suffering
  • Eliminate pain and dysfunction within your physical body
  • Restore functional movement, strength and fitness efficiently
  • Consistently reduce your body fat and maintain a healthy weight
  • Tone and shape your body so that it looks how you want it to
  • Build ever-higher levels of vitality and boundless energy
  • Make life fun and joyful in spite of responsibility, challenges and chaos
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The components of the Pyramid of Balance (above) determine how healthy and functional we are in our life

How well we feel each day; how energized, motivated, joyful and focused we consistently are, reveals to us how much skill we have in managing these fundamental components of our life.  
All participants of our Health & Wellness Program receive a personal copy of our Living Wellness Program (workbook and summary sheets*) through which the fundamental components of the Pyramid of Balance are addressed.

With this knowledge in hand, over the course of the 5-week Program we go about integrating the material into the lifestyle on a daily basis. This includes both physical Group PT exercise sessions (completed at the Oval in Chatswood) and weekly group coaching via Zoom.

In our experience this holistic approach is very effective in getting results.

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One of the reasons that our approach is so effective is because each participant learns powerful tools for managing their mental, emotional and energetic processes.

When you take control over your mood, your focus and how you feel, you can more easily remain consistent with your exercise intentions and healthy dietary changes.

When you have a lot of energy you are also able to engage in life with more intensity which gets results much faster.

The benefits do not only extend to the physical however. Being able to control your mood and focus means more harmonious, meaningful and fulfilling relationships in all areas of life; be they romantic, family or work related.

If you would like to find out more or talk to us about this please feel welcome to fill out the form below or send us a message in the chat box.

If you would like to get started NOW with a free 2-week trial; click below:
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"Our vision is for you to feel fully empowered. By the end of the program you will know how to take control over your own well-being and performance and remain on track moving forward"

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