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Do you live near Chatswood Oval?

Would you like to tone up and drop a dress size or two?
Would you like to have more energy & confidence?

If so, come down and join in to see if this will work for you...

What's this about?

We are offering outdoor exercise sessions from the Oval at Chatswood 2 x per day currently, at 9:30am and 12:15pm. Sessions are fun, friendly and varied and bring about results very effectively.

These sessions will make you feel more energized, light on your feet and develop a body that you feel good about. Achieving this requires genuine effort over time, however with the right approach you will be successful.

There is more to it than just diet and exercise. We will also show you how to manage your energy, your mood and your focus to ensure success. We address these additional elements in our online Mind Shaping sessions.

To experience how this session immediately makes you feel better, click on the link below.

This is a new start-up offering genuine support to women and particularly to mothers. This support will help you to restore your body and energy and feel more connected to yourself.

Our Approach:

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Is this approach right for you?

The best way to decide is to try it for yourself. You can do this obligation free by joining in with the Body Foundations program, which gives you 2 weeks to 'try before you buy'. If you decide it is not for you, you can take what you have gained over the two week trial period and continue on your way - nothing lost.


If you decide it is a good fit, you can continue for another 5 weeks for either $197 or $297 depending on if you want to do 2 or 3 sessions per week.

We have a range of programs to suit a variety of health and fitness goals. If you are new to exercise or are unsure of what will work for you, it would be helpful to book in a complementary consultation to identify what will suit you best.


If you are interested to trial the Foundations Program or book in a complementary consultation, enter your details below and we will be in touch with you soon.

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Q & A

Q: What sort of exercise training do you do; how can I know if it will be suitable for me?

A: It depends on what your goals are. If you are wanting to be an Instagram model or competitive stage body builder for example, this sort of training will not be for you. If you are simply wanting to get into good shape, to immediately feeling better and experience steady and consistent progress toward your goal, we can help you for sure.

The type of exercise that we do is called Functional Training. This basically means that you will become stronger in practical ways that allows you to handle your life more easily. We do not use standard Body Building techniques or exercises (which promote big muscles) rather we utilise exercises that involve your whole body. This way you get great fitness and tone gains without putting on size. It is also a great way to raise your metabolic rate and drop body weight fast.

It is difficult to determine which program would be most suitable for you without first seeing you move, so we would recommend simply joining in the free 2-week trial initially so that we can see if it is a fit for us all.

Q: What are your rates and what is expected of me?

A: We have designed this training system to be flexible and suit your current needs. This varies from person to person so likewise the rates and 'expectations' are different for each program.

For example, if you are confident and experienced already, we would likely recommend that you begin the Body Ignite program which gives you a variety of training options both involving local group sessions with us and also training options that you can undertake alone or while traveling. This is an 8-week program and the investment rate is either; $400, $600 (total) or $55 per/week depending on what suits you and how many sessions you would like to undertake with us each week.

If you are new to this, we would likely recommend the Body Foundations program wherein we are with you for every session that you do providing guidance and instruction for each exercise. This way you can be sure to learn each movement correctly and safely. This program is $197 for 5 weeks although, you can join this program off the back of the 2-week trial so you get 7-weeks for that investment essentially. You can experience 2-weeks for free before you decide if you will invest further.

There are no 'expectations' in terms of commitment. We will reliably be here for all session times and motivate you to join us consistently, however it is up to you how consistent you wish to be. Of course you will benefit more greatly if you are consistent, and so we will attempt to help you with this moving forward. In fact, we have created a video series to help convey the importance of consistency in gaining results; take a look over it and see if you can relate to the challenges.

Q: How can I be sure that I will get results by following your approach; why should I choose you rather than one of the many other health and fitness providers?

A: We have been in the health, fitness and well-being industry since the early 2000s. With this much experience in the field, we have developed an in-depth knowledge relating to what truly works; not only to 'get in shape' but to genuinely become a healthy functional person on all levels.

To be honest, we do not resonate with many of the fitness industry trends out there as they are often driven by superficial motivations involving only the appearance of the body and which often actually result in damaging your health and well-being long term. Although we appreciate that most people are driven to change their appearance when it comes to exercise, with experience you come to realise that being healthy necessarily involves a lot more than just that; you must address your energy, your moods, your focus; you must be willing to develop a healthy mind-set that will support your goals.

There is no 'quick-fix' when it comes to health; if you truly want to make meaningful changes in your life it is going to involve consistent changes over an extended period of time. We understand this and the various challenges along the way and so we are realistic about how to overcome these. The key is to implement little steps forward and just keep doing that. We can assist by keeping you on track with this.

Please by all means research whatever other options you have available to you; test it all out to see what is best for you. If you decide that you resonate with our approach, we will welcome you ongoing, in whichever way suits you best.